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Littlejohn’s Nugget of the Week

August 20, 2009

I’ve been away, so missed Richard Littlejohn’s column on Tuesday, but intrigued to find out how ‘elf ‘n’ safety nazis were planning to take over the world by banning hanging  baskets, I decided to have a look.  I found Littlejohn mid-rant about how airport security has gone mad:

But is that really any excuse for confiscating egg whisks and subjecting middle-aged, middle-class white pensioners to full body searches, while a woman in a burqa strolls through without challenge?

I mean there are so many things wrong with this paragraph, it is hard to know where to begin. Overlooking the fact that no-one is ever going to find a use for use for egg whisks whilst flying from London to Madrid, we’ll start with the fact that he manages to describe a someone as being “middle-aged” and a “pensioner” simultaneously. Seriously? This is whole new kind of stupid. It’s almost as Littlejohn is actively turning his brains to shit by spouting this garbage every week.

Next up he manages to not at-all subtly suggest that a woman wearing a burqa is more likely to be a terrorist (it’s because she’s a Muslim), than the aforementioned middle-aged pensioner (who also happens to be white and middle-class) all things which genetically stop you from being a terrorist, probably because you only exist in Littlejohn’s head.

And that’s it. In the space of one sentence he’s managed to display his astonishingly ignorant, ill-thought out, racist and downright moronic views and at the same time convey everything that I hate about the Daily Mail, better than any 500 word deconstruction of one of their “articles” ever could. So I guess it’s time to say thanks: thank you Richard Littlejohn, thank you for being the most ignorant, brainless cunt ever to ‘grace’ the pages of the Daily Mail.

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P.S. Don’t forget to check tomorrow when I can be fairly certain the ire of Littlejohn will be directed at those pesky students taking NuLiebor’s dumbed down A-Levels and doing well.

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