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Racial Stereotypes Bingo with Richard Littlejohn

August 11, 2009

This is quite an easy game to play. You can play it on your own or with friends, although some of Littlejohns material is quite extreme, so it’s probably best to check if your friends still want their human decency intact afterwards and it is not reccomended for children under the age of 12.

Required Materials:

  • A Richard Littlejohn article
  • A highlighter
  • Stopwatch (optional)


Take your Littlejohn article. If you are playing with friends make a copy for each of them and distribute them. Once everyone has  an article and a highlighter you can begin. You can play against the clock or simply until someone reaches a pre-arranged target (a number between 8 and 15 is reccomended).

The person who finds the most racial stereotypes within the time limit, or the person who reaches the target first is the winner. There may be instances where a certain racial stereostype is repeated by Littlejohn throughout the article, these count as individual points.


As an example to show you how to play the game I’m going to use Richard’s latest article on gypsies:

Nowhere is there any mention of Toby’s father.

All gyppos come from broken families. 1 point.

If they were really striving for authenticity, Tess would be married, probably from the age of 14.

All female gypsies are slags. 2 points.

Tess makes her money at car boot sales, although the stories don’t elaborate on where she gets her merchandise. Car boot sales are notorious for the disposal of stolen property.

All travellers are theives. 3 points.

Here in the real world, Tess would be claiming welfare benefits while pocketing the cash without declaring it to the taxman.

All gypsies are benefit scrounging scum. 4 points.

He’d be a snot-nosed scruff begging outside the local pound shop

All gyppos are ugly and beggars. Double points bonus. 6 points.

to stay put once they’ve arrived in England, where a buffet of benefits is laid before them.

Benefit scrounging scum again. 7 points.

Wherever these camps are established, there is invariably an increase in crime.

Just to remid you that all gypsies are criminals. 8 points.

Even when they do move on, they leave behind scorched earth and piles of rubbish.

Travellers are horrible, filthy and destroy everything. Under no circumstances should they be mistaken for actual human beings. 9 points.

Others, though, are a menace to society, earning a living from dubious practice and outright criminality.

Criminals again. 10 points.

She would be driving a £50,000 Toyota Landcruiser (running on red agricultural diesel) with a stolen lawn-mower in the boot

Thieves. 11 points.

If I’ve missed any out feel free to point them out in the comments, but you get the picture. Unfortunately after playing this game, you may feel depressed and feel that there is no hope for human kind, although this is reported to be a normal reaction to a Littlejohn article.

There are many articles in Richard Littlejohn’s archives which are perfect for this game, although any of his articles can be used. His endless reel of racial stereotyping and bullshit can be found here and used to play the game.

Mind how you go.

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  1. ChieferMadness permalink
    August 11, 2009 12:31 pm

    Don’t forget in that last one they’re using red diesel so they’re fuel tax evaders. Not that Mr. Littlejohn would know anything about ducking out on taxes by, say, skipping the country.

  2. August 11, 2009 12:47 pm

    I think this would make a good drinking game.


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