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Look at the state of her house!

July 27, 2009

In the Mail today: “ASBO for 14 year-old girl who drank 12 cans of strong larger every night” – the story of  a child who was adopted at the age of 5, whose step-father died at the age of 10 and who now has an alcohol problem. You would think this story would be a Mail commenters wet dream. They could rage on for hours about how McDoom’s NuLabour have ruined the country and how this was a sorry inditement of “broken Britain”.

So I was surprised when there were no comments of that ilk in the ‘best rated’ section. Oh no, the best rated comment on this story was:

Ughhh! look at those stairs!!!

Thanks to Jodie from Sheffield for that one. Mind you don’t slip on the marble stairs in your mansion, it would be a shame to lose your valuable contributions to society. Same goes for the 753 twats who agreed with her.

This was the photo the Mail used to illustrate the story:

After delving a bit deeper into the comments, I did find: “Unfortunately, a product of today’s broken Britain. Thank you NuLabour for this wonderful legacy. Not” and “What is this country coming to..what is there to be proud of?……“. But not before having to sift through:

look at the state of that house


Keep drinking the way you’re drinking love and you won’t be ABLE to move out of the house….

At this point it is worth pointing out that comments on the Mail’s site are heavily moderated, so the moderators at the Mail are obviously happy with these nasty, snide comments and yet they refuse to publish even the slightest criticisms of Richard Littlejohn or comments which point out the inaccuaries of their articles.

In responding to this article the main response of the Mail readership, above even their hatred for all things Labour, was to mock the fact that this girl was less better off than they were. Which ultimately shows the snobbishness and general nastiness of some of the Mail’s readership. Characteristics which I can’t help but feel are fuelled by the Mail itself – especially since their moderators were all too happy to let these comments through.

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