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Allison Pearson’s crusade against older parents

July 17, 2009

Allison Pearson, the woman who coined the phrase “Burkha rage” (it’s when you get mad at people who look different to you), is back with her crusade against people older than her having children. Her previous piece which attacked 66 year-old mother Elizabeth Adney for giving birth to a baby at the age of 66, included this:

Very rarely does the Mail’s front page make me shout and hurl the paper across the kitchen.

So she’s either reading the wrong paper or she holds the same hate-filled bigoted opinions as the Mail. I’m guessing it’s the latter, because her latest piece attacks a woman who has just died of cancer, leaving behind a family and two small hildren. Classy.

The Mail doesn’t like IVF, so it’s little surprise that Allison lays into a dead woman who had the treatment as “delusional and selfish”. How thoughtful. I didn’t see the Mail calling Jade Goody names after she died of cancer, leaving two children behind, oh no – she was brave and unique.

So what’s the difference here? And more importantly, why does Allison Pearson think it’s her place to go around being nasty and self-righteous about a woman who tragically died from cancer? I will use a comment on her article to finish (don’t worry it’s in the red):

This was a woman who loved and wanted her children – why not confine your virulent comments to those mothers who beat and torture their children, or bring them into the world addicted to hard drugs, or collude in their mistreatmet – God knows there are plenty of them.

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