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Express shown up by the Mail

July 8, 2009

Never before have I seen such polar opposite approaches to the same story from these two newspapers. This is how the Mail ran the story of Alistar Darling’s latest announcement on reforms to the banking system:

And the Express:

Surely they can’t be reporting on the same story?

The Mail says:

Bank executives will have their salaries tied to long-term results and will lose their big City bonuses if they fail to curb ‘irresponsible’ pay policies, Alistair Darling said today.

And the Express:

But Alistair Darling’s blueprint for financial reform was met with derision – because he failed to explain how he would reign in the reckless City bankers who caused the mess in the first place.

Er, by cutting their bonuses?

Just to give some perspective, the BBC ran with:

Banks to face tougher regulation

And The Independent went with:

Banks face penalties for “irresponsible pay”

Of course every newspaper is entitled to have it’s own editorial opinion on news stories, but when even the Daily Mail accept the government might have done something useful for once, I think you have to draw the line. Has the Express no shame? It’s been shown up by the Mail, and that takes some doing.

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  1. July 13, 2009 10:09 pm

    Sometimes the Mail and the Express are perfectly in tune, sometimes they are at odds like this. Strange that they’re both terrible, but at different times.

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