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The BNP on trial

June 23, 2009

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has threatened the BNP with legal procedings over it’s membership policy, as they only allow people of “Indigenous Caucasian” racial background to become a member. But what of the National Black Police Association? Nick Griffin claims that the BNP is the on the same ground as the NBPA:

(from 1 minute in)

But, even by doing a minimal amount of research (ie. googling “National Black Police Association”) it becomes clear that the NBPA accept members from all ethnic backgrounds:

Can you read that Mr. Griffin? Nice and clear in big writing to make it easy for you: There is no bar to membership based on colour. So why would David Dimbelby ask if the NBPA were racist when they accept members from all ethnic backgrounds, as long as they are members of the police force?

And now let’s take a look at the BNP Constitution *:

The BNP do discriminate on the basis of race and the NBPA don’t. A clear difference, you would accept. But, wait a minute, it’s not just Nick Griffin who’s spouting these lies, let’s take a peek at the top rated comments on the Daily Mail site for this story:

And so yes, Andrew Furniss of North Allerton, the NBPA will be allowing “white people” to join. If these people even spent 30 seconds to check before they descended on the Mail site to feverishly defend the BNP, they wouldn’t look so fucking stupid.

Despite the BNP bleating that it’s the nasty left-wing media who are lying when they say they’re a racist part (when they are), they themselves are spreading malicious untruths about the NBPA. Let’s hope they get the book thrown at them.

Is the BNP racist? In a word, yes.

[*=link to the BNP constitution, but I refuse to link to them directly]

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