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Power to the people! (as long as the people agree with me)

June 15, 2009

“Power to the people!”

David Cameron falls over himself to proclaim it, if the oppurtunity presents itself.

General Election to get rid of Brown? Power to the People!

Voting against the Lisbon Treaty at a referendum? Power to the People!

Getting rid of annoying back-bench MP’s who fiddled their expenses? Power to the People!

Referendum on proportional representation? Uh….well actually….the thing is… know…..uh….we know best.

So Mr Cameron does advocate “Power to the People!”, as long as long as “the people” agree with him. If they don’t, well tough, if they’re in power – they’re in charge. Despite his mantra to:

start a process of redistribution of power to the man and woman on the street

he doesn’t mention who the man and woman are, or even for that matter, which street they’re on, and the truth is the street is in leafy suburb of Oxfordshire and the man and woman are called David and Samantha. The man from the Eton Old Boys Club has no intention to ‘revolutionise’ politics, he’s saying what he thinks will get him into No. 10, not what he believes in.

This is not the “New Conservatives” or “Progressive Conservatives”, its the same Conservatives who have been around since Thatcher. Cameron intends to keep power firmly where it is at the moment, in the hands of the “ruling elite”, because no matter what front he puts on its the same old Tories: The rich ruling for the rich and sod the rest.

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