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Mailies Attack Proportional Representation

June 10, 2009

The Daily Mail readers are out in force condemning Gordon Browns plans for electoral reform as:

Mugabe style elections

This is of course before anyone has actually announced what the plans for the electoral reform might be, so we can only assume that what they describe as

a plot by corrupt thieving left-wing politicians

is in fact what they think about the Daily Mail’s speculation on what if any the changes might be (they suggested PR). Unusually there are some voices of reason on the comments section, but they are all in the red. Take this sensible comment:

Very good idea. This has been needed for some time and will produce a much more inclusive and representative parliament. It will also mean parties will have to be a lot clearer and substantive on their policies

Well done PM!!!

Currently on a score of -92.

The die hard Mail readers are so blinded with their hate for “Nu-Liebor” that anything they do is wrong. Recent polls have suggested 69% of people are in favour of PR, so depending on what Gordon’s plans actually shape up to be, there is a good chance that it would be passed in a referendum.

There is no “perfect” voting system, each and every one have their flaws, some like the current First-Past-The-Post, have more than others. There is of course the cynics view that Labour are in favour, and the Tories against, these plans for the reason that they would support whichever system they did better under.

The centre-right will never win the popular vote in the UK, and so therefore “Call Me Dave” is obviously against any system other than FPTP – although he was more than happy to take the plaudits for the Tories topping the polls at the recent European elections, even though they are done by Proportional Representation.

The only way forward is for each side to present the facts, not spin (looking at you Alan Duncan), of their proposed systems and then hold a referendum. Which is what the PM instends to do, but there’s no pleasing Mail readers.

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