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My friends are more facist than your friends

June 4, 2009

Harry Phibbs (oh the irony) in the Daily Mail has hit back at the story run in The Guardian, which exposes the facist underbelly of the parties David Cameron is planning to link up with in Brussels. The article tries to argue that it’s only a few backbenchers from the parties named who hold such views, claiming that:

One of the new allies for the British Conservatives will be the Polish Law and Justice Party. The Guardian has said that Urszula Krupa, a back bench MP for that Party, had made anti homosexual remarks.

Right, so lets start with the Polish Law and Justice Party. Unfortunately it’s not just back bench MP’s like Urszula Krupa who have made anti-homosexual remarks. Jarosław Kaczyński (the head of the Law and Justice Party) said in the run up to the election in 2005:

“The affirmation of homosexuality will lead to the downfall of civilization. We can’t agree to it”


Which sounds pretty nasty to me, but maybe Harry disagrees. In addition to this, whilst in power in 2006, the party ordered the state prosecuter to investigate “all homosexual groups for paedophilia” and asked local prosecuters to investigate if “any crimes of a pedophile nature have been committed by homosexual persons”. Which would seem to back up the Guardian headline of the party being “anti-gay”.

He sets the article up to be an antidote to the nasty lefty Guardian’s smear campaign against completely innocent facists, only to get his facts wrong and then engage in a smear campaign of his own. It’s a bad article, which at it’s worst seems to be defending facists, and at best is a contradiction to itself.

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