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Littlejohn: Throw your toys out the pram and “strike a blow” to democracy

June 2, 2009

Just days before the European Elections, Richard Littlejohn has decided to tell everyone to not bother voting. I actually agree with his argument that to abstain from voting for the main political parties would indicate to them that people were disillusioned with the current political system and wanted change. But there is a way to do this without behaving like a stoppy 5-year old, something Littlejohn hasn’t quite grasped:

So let’s have a record turnout and, instead of voting for anyone, write ‘GENERAL ELECTION NOW!!’ on your ballot paper.

That’s not spoiling your ballot, it’s exercising your democratic right.

You never know, they might just get the message.

As if he somehow hopes that Gordon Brown will personally sift through everyone’s ballot paper. It’s infantile at best, but it also makes it easier for the extreme parties, such as the BNP, to gain a large enough percentage to be awarded a MEP. And maybe this is what Littlejohn actually wants, he readily admits to voting BNP-lite UKIP at previous elections, and it might be the case that he would welcome a BNP member representing the UK in Brussels, after all he does seem to be obsessed with nazis and muslims.

Fortunately even his own readers can see through this, with the majority understanding that the best way to show any contempt for the main parties is to vote, but to vote for a party like the Greens, NO2EU or even an independent, just not the main parties. Whilst you have the right to choose not to vote, as Littlejohn pushes, you also have the right to vote and to waste it on a childish ruse from a man who gets paid £800,000 a year to spout lies and distrust would be the real blow to democracy.

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