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Sickening footage of bully beating up school girl, 14, is captured on mobile phone and posted on MailOnline

October 10, 2009

Facebook, as any Daily Mail reader will tell you, is the root of all the social problems facing our society today. Along with immigrants and hooded jumpers it is has served to create a society of fear and hatred, which would never have happened if we’d all stayed put in our respective caves and countries. So it is no surprise that Facebook is once again being used as a force for evil, as a video of a schoolgirl being beaten up is posted on it. Sickening stuff. But just to show you how sickening the attack was, MailOnline has dutifilly published stills of the video, thereby exposing millions more people to the “sickening footage”.

Not that it would be hypocritical of the Mail to imply Facebook has exposed this poor girl to more humiliation, only for them to publish images of the same incident on its own site. Not at all.



Vaccine scaremongering in The Mail? Surely not?

September 28, 2009

The Daily Mail has form when it comes to unfounded scaremongering over medical vaccinations, especially those reccomended by the stasi government. So you may forgive me when I read this on the BBC, immediately thinking ‘I bet the Mail are having a field day on this story’.

And I wasn’t entirely wrong either. The Daily Mail isn’t exactly going out of its way to let it’s readers know that:

the exact cause of death is unknown

as the BBC points out in the first sentence of its report. In fact it takes the Mail a whopping 9 paragraphs to quote Dr Caron Grainger, of the NHS trust involved, who points out that:

No link can be made between the death and the vaccine until the facts are known and a post-mortem takes place.’

And their own reporter never states this as fact. As you can imagine, the commenters don’t need to wait for the post-mortem results, they are already crystal clear what caused the tragic death of the 13-year-old girl:

Of course at this point, I feel I should point out that the cause of death may well have been due to side-effects encountered because of the HPV vaccine, but it would be irresponsible to imply this to sell newspapers when there is currently no evidence to back it up. As I’m sure the Daily Mail is aware.

I will update as the story develops, although I think we can rest assured that the headline of the Daily Mail tommorrow will be responsible and not in any way try to imply that the HPV vaccine was the cause of death without any evidence to back it up.

EDIT (30/9): Don’t say I didn’t warn you:


The Enemies of Reason have the rest of the follow up…

The Daily Mail Commenter: A Guide

September 10, 2009

Daily Mail Commenters are simple beings. All they need to survive are a few scare stories about how immigrants are eating all our children, a few reports telling them how “political correctness has gone mad” and a couple of ham-fisted articles implying that ‘yuman rights’ or the government have their heart set on destroying Britain and they are happy to spend the rest of their days hammering out their indignation and outrage onto the Daily Mail’s comments board.

At first sight, this creature may appear to have no use or function, a bit like sloths, but if you look a little closer you discover that the Daily Mail Commenter has an amazing talent. The Daily Mail Commenter can indeed turn any story, about anything you could care to imagine, into a dig at the things they don’t like.

For example, last night you may have seen Derren Brown appear to predict the National Lottery results live on television, a story which the Daily Mail has picked up and reported on. Despite the article or the actual event having absolutely no mention of the government or connection to the government at all, this comment appeared underneath the article:

A one off you might say, but look at this comment on an article about how a Tory-run district council used misleading photographs as evidence in a planning application dispute:

Another dig at Gordon Brown. And it’s not only Gordon Brown and the government who can be twisted into the firing line, immigrants are also targeted by the Daily Mail Commenter, as L.G. from Berkshire shows with his comment on a story about an electrical goods company offering bargain televisions:

Incredible work there, taking a photograph of some people queuing up and immediately making the jump to immigrants flooding the country.

So, as I have shown above, whilst the Daily Mail Commenter may appear useless and a burden on society, they actually offer the amazing skill of skim-reading an article, getting the jist of it and then making poorly disguised attacks on the groups they dislike. These are all comments from stories today as well, so be on the lookout for further displays of ignorance and blind rage in the days and weeks to come, especially against gypsies, people claiming benfits and probably Gordon Brown again.

‘Do they go to some kind of special school to learn this damn nonsense?’

September 4, 2009

Yes, you guessed it, the Daily Mail still won’t stop banging on about rubbish collection. This is the latest in their “middle-class wheelie-bin revolution” series and, as usual, the commenters are certain whose to blame for this latest ‘PC gone mad’ outrage:

Now I’m not sure whether the other Daily Mail Online readers who voted this comment up felt sorry for Arthur, or just saw “collect rubbish every-day” and “Libor joke” and decided to ignore the fact that what Arthur had bashed out on his keyboard made absolutely no fucking sense whatsoever. At this point, I do also feel the need to point out that the council in question, Warwick District Council, is currently controlled by the Conservatives.

Meanwhile, ‘law-abiding citizen’ had this to add:

Hmmm. If they do, it’s probably the same one you and Arthur went to.

Allison Pearson “blames” society & men for breast cancer

September 3, 2009

After reading Allison Pearson’s latest offering in the Mail, you are left wondering whether she actually understands what cancer is. Her title: “Don’t blame overworked mothers for this cruel disease” has several things wrong with it. Firstly, not every case of breast cancer is down to being overworked or being a mother. Secondly, the World Cancer Research Fund, whose advice Allison is referring to in the title, are not “blaming” cancer on anybody, they are merely offering advice on how women can cut the risk of contracting cancer. Cancer cannot be ‘blamed’ on anybody, it is a cruel disease that can strike often randomly without prior family history or any other medical explanation, to suggest that cancer is someones fault is cruel and ignorant.

In fact, the premise of her article is ridiculous. It is based on her assumption that the latest findings from the WCRF are a direct attack on overworked mothers, “blaming” them for their unhealthy lifestyles and therefore “blaming” them for increasing their risk of breast cancer. She rambles:

How easy it is for scientists to put out the message that Lazy, Binge-Drinking, Bottle-Feeding, Selfish Cows Get Breast Cancer.

Now, I have only had a brief look at the WCRF report, but I can tell you that “Lazy, Binge-Drinking, Bottle-Feeding, Selfish Cows Get Breast Cancer” wasn’t the title. Nor, I can say with a degree of confidence, was that phrase used it the report at all.

Anyway, after concluding that the nasty WCRF are wrong to, in her eyes, “blame” overworked mothers for breast cancer, she goes on to blame society and men for it instead:

It’s time the experts from the World Cancer Research Fund started to be more honest about what really ails us. Breast cancer is a disease of the modern, multi-tasking world which is still largely run by men and organised with the needs of men in mind.

I really don’t know what to say to that, it seems that regardless of whatever the WCRF may publish as findings at the end of extensive research, Allison has convinced herself that it is societies fault that women get breast cancer, and no advice she is given will convince her to the contary.

She finishes:

Yes, a few more leafy vegetables and regular exercise would undoubtedly help. So would swapping white wine for fizzy elderflower.

But how about improving the quality of a life that is driving us to drink.

Which makes her sound like a stubborn child, refusing to listen to advice given to her; advice telling her that there are simple things she can do to help herself. Instead she chooses to blame someone else, pass the buck to them, telling them it’s their problem to sort out. Now if that’s the attitude she wants to have – fine, but to use her national newspaper column to convince other women that the WCRF is conducting some kind of witch hunt against the ordinary working mum and to ignore their advice is irresponsible and shameful.

Lies, damned lies and the Daily Mail’s interpretation of statistics

August 31, 2009

Whilst I was away (again), others (here, here & here) were quick to point out the Daily Mail’s mis-interpretation of the latest government migration statistics [pdf], they cover the subject quite well so I won’t go too far into it the basis of the Mail’s stance is thus:

More and more dirty immigrants are coming over here, stealing our jobs, and then having the bloody cheek to procreate, meaning that there are even more of the blighters, robbing the white, middle-class Mail readership of their fair share of public services by over-populating Britain to the tune of 61 million.

In fact the reality is immigration has “soared” by only 0.7% and Britain is in fact not the “2nd most densely populated country”, but the 52nd. But sod the truth; the truth doesn’t support the Mail’s Britain: a Britain where feral migrants run riot through our streets, performing repeated sex acts while the “indigenous, middle-classes” look on in horror.

So it was unsurprising to see the headline “One out of every 5 killers is an immigrant“. Even without probing any further, surely what this really shows is “Four out of every 5 killers is British”? But if you actually have the time to read the article beneath the headline, you find out that:

11 out 30 forces which responded claimed they did not record nationalities of either killers or murder victims, and others had gaps in the information.

Nevermind that there is a total of 52 police forces in the UK and only 19 could provide conclusive statistics which show the ethnic backgrounds of convicted “killers”, meaning that the figures are in no way representative of the UK as a whole. Nevermind that, by the Mail’s own admission, there were some forces which had recorded no unlawful killings by foreigners.

It’s an old journo trick to use statistics to add weight to an otherwise flimsy argument, even if they may be slightly misleading. But to base an entire story on unrepresentative statistics to fuel hatred against immigrants is journalism at it’s worst. But then again why should the Mail report the truth when lies and misleading use of statistics provide it with the perfect ammunition it needs to wheel out it’s racist agenda?

Littlejohn’s Nugget of the Week

August 20, 2009

I’ve been away, so missed Richard Littlejohn’s column on Tuesday, but intrigued to find out how ‘elf ‘n’ safety nazis were planning to take over the world by banning hanging  baskets, I decided to have a look.  I found Littlejohn mid-rant about how airport security has gone mad:

But is that really any excuse for confiscating egg whisks and subjecting middle-aged, middle-class white pensioners to full body searches, while a woman in a burqa strolls through without challenge?

I mean there are so many things wrong with this paragraph, it is hard to know where to begin. Overlooking the fact that no-one is ever going to find a use for use for egg whisks whilst flying from London to Madrid, we’ll start with the fact that he manages to describe a someone as being “middle-aged” and a “pensioner” simultaneously. Seriously? This is whole new kind of stupid. It’s almost as Littlejohn is actively turning his brains to shit by spouting this garbage every week.

Next up he manages to not at-all subtly suggest that a woman wearing a burqa is more likely to be a terrorist (it’s because she’s a Muslim), than the aforementioned middle-aged pensioner (who also happens to be white and middle-class) all things which genetically stop you from being a terrorist, probably because you only exist in Littlejohn’s head.

And that’s it. In the space of one sentence he’s managed to display his astonishingly ignorant, ill-thought out, racist and downright moronic views and at the same time convey everything that I hate about the Daily Mail, better than any 500 word deconstruction of one of their “articles” ever could. So I guess it’s time to say thanks: thank you Richard Littlejohn, thank you for being the most ignorant, brainless cunt ever to ‘grace’ the pages of the Daily Mail.

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P.S. Don’t forget to check tomorrow when I can be fairly certain the ire of Littlejohn will be directed at those pesky students taking NuLiebor’s dumbed down A-Levels and doing well.